Energy Consumption and Economic Comparison between VRF System and Air to Water Chiller for Air Conditioning Systems Case study: An-Najah University Child Institute

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An-Najah National University
Air conditioning systems have the major amount of energy consumption in West Bank, with a poor and expansive amount of energy available in West Bank, energy conservation is needed. In this research; two air conditioning systems: Variable Refrigerant Flow system (VRF) and Air to Water Chiller system were discussed in order to select the system the most feasible option. An-Najah Child Institute (ANCI) was selected to be the case study. Initially, the cooling load for ANCI was calculated using to be equal to 60 Tons. Energy consumption and economic analysis were performed for the two system based on accurate design. The design of air conditioning system includes selecting the system parts; indoor units, outdoor units, pipes, and pumps based on the cooling load and configuration of the building. Actual pricing based on parts quotations from manufacturing and procuring companies were made. The economic analysis was based on calculating present worth value for both air conditioning systems. The present worth value for VRF system was found to be -158,204 $, while it was equal to -182,654.0 $. For Chiller system. The less negative value was for VRF system, in other words, this system is more feasible and can save more money energy.