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Eman Abu Mazen
Beesan Imad
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 AbstractIf we look around we can see the huge and significant place that Smart phones and their applications take in our life especially Galaxy phones, users of these applications can reach their requested data and perform their tasks easily. So, we come with this project in many platforms which are Galaxy and Lumina phones. In our project we take care of the most important part of these users who are suffer from overweight, and who wants to enjoy a healthy and activity life day by day and step by step, also we think about offering cooking recipes for mothers to help them and to make cooking easier for them and to learn about new cooks across the nation. In another words, our project   provides an efficient weight loss program to keep track of calories, also it helps tracking the user weight, food intake, fitness goals and exercises, without having to paying high price of a personal trainer or going to the Gym. It tells the user in an instant how much calorie needed to take in a day and it keeps watching what is eaten and tracking the total calories. On the other hand, it provides the ability to interactive with social networking as Facebook to share the achievements and activates with friends. Our Idea will take care of the Arabic users who suffers from overweight and housewifes and everyone who hope healthy life by creating both of Android and Windows-Phone-8 applications to be available for our beloved users, this application will have nice, simple, and clear design to reach mostly all the users expected needs, it will give follow up for our users with 18 years old and above, the needs of each of them and how the person will act in all occasions of life.. So "Healthy life" can automatically compute everything. It leads the user to reach and maintain a healthy weight by tracking his exercises, weight and get a total picture of how much is taken and lost.   As Android and Windows Phone this will be a good application in 'Arabic' with the features that we provide.