E-commerce and E-marketing for Mamlaket Alotor

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Shima Zaid
Mohammed Tabib
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Abstract Mamlaket al otor store was established in November 2017 to sell men's, women's and children's perfumes, in addition to makeup, skin care products, body care, and hair care with high quality and competitive prices. The idea of the project is to create an online store (website) for the store on Word Press to display products and sell them online to facilitate the selling process for customers, in addition to implementing e-marketing strategies on their Facebook and Instagram pages. The aim of the project is to facilitate the process of buying and selling within the store, and to facilitate the knowledge of orders and their delivery to the customer, and also to facilitate the access of products to the largest number and increase profits and the number of visitors to the store, in addition to increasing interaction and access on social media pages through e-marketing strategies.