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Mohammad Hara
Laith Atari
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Since we are students at the end of their academic studies as a result of the accumulation of experiences and expertise, and we are about to finish our academic career at the university, we noticed the difficulties that students face related to teaching subjects and laboratories, so we tried to find those difficulties. Sometimes, one of the students has books, references, and study summaries that he does not need, and it may be electronic parts, etc., and on the other side there is a student who needs the same things, but they often may exhaust him financially if he tries to buy them. Therefore, we tried to bridge the distances between the two parties, in addition to that in light of what We are exposed to the war of genocide against the Palestinian people by global Zionism (the Israeli occupation in particular) and the fight against Palestinian content as a form of media misinformation. We have combined two important features. Each idea had previously been worked on in a separate project, but in our project we tried to combine both in our application. They are the exchange of supplies and experiences between students, in addition to a social platform that brings together people through which we can publish in order to allow us (as Palestinians) to communicate the image. As it is, without deletion, evasion or deception in addition This project will be developed by adding additional features and modifying the existing features in the project, based on the evaluation and opinions of students while they use this project, as there will be a feature of adding comments from students and based on them, the application will be modified continuously,The financial return for the application will be through a link for those who want to donate after benefiting from the application’s services and making it easier for them in many matters