Redesign of The Administrative Building of Hisham Hadid

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Al-Masri, Tahani
Abubaker, Adan
Eid, Alma
Ahmad, Haneen
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The graduation project have been an integrated re-design of the administrative building of Hisham Hadid in Ramallah. The redesign is to achieve comfort for employees while doing their job and a sense of satisfaction and to increase their productivity. This results in benefits to human health, the surrounding environment and the general economy. A specific strategy have been followed based on studying, analysing, and finding out the architectural and environmental aspects in the building. Suggesting possible solutions and redesigning the building, taking into account integration between different systems have been considered. The design process will contain various aspects including architectural redesign, structural, mechanical and electrical designs, with consideration the achievement of human comfort, thermal, acoustic, visual and ventilation comfort. The architectural redesign will facilitate movement inside the building whether for building employees or visitors (Taking into consideration the presence of people with special needs). The above process have been done starting with collecting information by conducting literature review. These categories will be followed by carrying out site analysis. Based on the above, the structural aspects will include the design of the reinforced concrete system for the skeleton of the building using Etabs. the environmental performance of the building using 3D model have been analyzed and evaluated. After that, the mechanical distribution including water, HVAC and sewerage systems, also the electrical distribution including power systems and control panel have been designed in an integrated way with the architectural, detailed structural designs and finishing materials details. At the end of our project, the outcomes have been introduced in a report. It includes design details, tables of quantities and shop drawings. The final results have been shown in a lineal presentation.