2D Vertical Plotter Robot

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Draidi, Mahmoud
Obaid, Mohammed
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The “2 Dimensional XY plotter” is a reliable solution for providing plotting or drawing different images on a given surface for everyday use. The XY plotter uses its three different housing i.e. ‘X’, ‘Y’ and ‘Z’ in order to draw continuous lines to construct a given image. The X and Y axis movement are controlled by 2 stepper motors. The Z–axis movement is controlled by a mini servo motor in order to select position either in “free mode” or “drawing mode”. These axis movements are mounted on each other and belt driven mechanism is used for plotting. The programming for these respective movements will be done by an Arduino microcontroller. An application will be used in order to give different commands which will be sent to Arduino to perform a particular movement. The electronic equipments are powered up by a 9v adapter with 1 A current rating.