Development of fuzzy logic controller for photovoltaic integrated shunt active power

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Honjol Raed
Mathar Raed
Shahrori Mahmoud
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The ever-increasing reliance of electronic devices that utilize AC power has increased the amount of harmonics that pollute the distribution systems. These harmonics will increase losses, cause male-function of protection and interfere with Telecommunications. Hence, there is a need for an inexpensive and reliable way to actively filter out harmonics from an AC power line. Power electronics provides compact, highly efficient solutions for power conversion. However, power electronics has caused many problems for systems, primarily harmonics. These harmonics increase losses, which cause distortions in voltage waveforms, which cause many problems. One of the things that can be used to filter out harmonic distortion is the active power filter active filter will be used to filter out harmonics as shown in Figure 1 (attached file showing the figure ) .