Measuring Service Quality at Palestinian Telecommunication Company (Jawwal) using SERVQUAL model of service quality

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Sama Bani-Mattar
Abd-Alqader Moqadi
Sanad-aldeen Abed
Arqam Bani-Shamsah
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  Services like any other production operation require a huge attention to its quality and performance, but the most difficult attention is the focus on quality of service. This is because it affects every part of the service system, employees delivering the service, and customers requesting the service. One of the main service providers in the society is the telecommunication services especially the wireless mobile telecommunications, and these are the focus of this study. Therefore, wireless mobile telecommunication will have a tremendous problem if it does not take into consideration its service quality level, especially when the telecommunication company has other competitors who have the power to dominate majority of the market share. This would eventually mean destruction, failure and divestiture of less performing companies. Organizations should strive to provide an excellent service to their   customers on timely manner, to a degree where the customers will feel privileged. This will actively contribute to creating loyal customers. One of the most popular tools found in literature that is used to measure service quality level is the SERVEQUAL Model, This project SERVQUAL model development and implementation on JAWWAL company , is a simplification version of the model by Dr. Arash Shahin on his papers SERVQUAL and Model of Service Quality Gaps. This project discusses seven main Gaps on service quality, each one discusses certain discrepancy in the system that may affected the quality of service offered. These Gaps are: customer expectation versus management perception, management perception versus services specifications, service specification versus service delivery, service delivery versus external communication, The discrepancy between customer expectations and their perceptions of the service delivered, The discrepancy between customer expectations and employees perceptions, and finally The discrepancy between employees perceptions and management perceptions . In these seven gaps we have three  main axes; Company management and employees or as called internal customers, and service end-users as external customers, Difference in the measurement between these two axes across the seven gaps will mean that a gap has been detected and, therefore, a certain systems modification is necessary to develop service quality.   Introduction In the last century the world tend to a  new concept this concept which achieve their requirement by the best way they call this the quality Quality term : Only the customer can really determine the requirement by their expectation and acceptance of the product or service provided Quality dimension : cant measure by quantitative scale but by qualitative which is the harder we have more dimension of quality like responsiveness ,competence ,access ,courtesy ,communications  ,credibility ,security . Why service quality : dream of all organization to reach service quality , customer more satisfied  , employee more satisfied ,more profit sale and shareholder , consistently for future . Customer Satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is influenced by a complex interplay of factors. Customer expectations can pose a major challenge , The diagram below demonstrates the links between the various elements that drive customer satisfaction. Communications is the most important thing in the word that all people most to communicate each other people speed and right of case study we choose JAWWAL which is the first Palestinian Provider for communication services, it helps all people to communicate through the latest technology regardless of the hard political, economical and social obstacles facing it. JAWWAL is the first Palestinian Provider for communication services; it helps all people to communicate through the latest technology regardless of the hard political, economical and social obstacles facing it. With our committed team, we had been able to overcome all the various challenges In the first place, there is the vision - the dream. It's where you want to go, what you want to be Services : Massaging services include : Google SMS ,Voice SMS ,MMS, SMS. Bill related service  include : Banking services ,Sms bill ,Direct debit ,Email bill . Call related services include : Mcb , Collect call ,Twin SIM, Hat wa khod . Customer Care :   Call center Maintenance center Outgoing calls' unit Dealers' Service Centre Company's Authorized Personnel Customer Care numbers Special offer jawwal gives to its customer Special offer make customer more satisfaction  and give company more profit with decreasing cost for  customer and with make more talking . Wazarat  Jawwal Thawani Dardesh Plan Package  Military Plan Kartak Plan Handicaps' Plan SERVQUAL MODEL SERVQUAL model was developed by Parasuraman, berry and zeithamel. And we develop it to close each gap within service quality then we apply it in telecommunication services especially on JAWWAL Company of mobile telecommunication. Service quality can thus be defined as the difference between customer expectations of service and perceived service. If expectations are greater than performance, then perceived quality is less than satisfactory and hence customer dissatisfaction occurs.   Conclusion: in our project we work on service of quality as defined by SERVQUAL and Model of Service Quality Gaps by Arash Shahin then we implement it on  (JAWWAL COMPONY) from this project we learning many things ,initially  learn  the nature of the work of the company and the most important services provided by its customers, And also we know the importance of service quality and its impact on the company's performance in all aspects. Service quality is of the hot topics that consider every step in deliver services to the customers, and as customers become satisfy more and more they will  be loyal to their service provider. Hence, SERVQUAL model can be use by any services organization to measure the difference between different opinion using Gaps model, the last conclusion we reach to it is that; SERVQUAL model after we develop it is cover and measure almost every process within the company and every expected and percept services for the customers