Structural Analysis and Design of Educational Research and Development Center in Birzeit

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Mahmoud Ibrahim Daraghmeh
Mustafa Nedal Eleyan
Qais Mofeed Daraghmeh
Qusai Mahmoud Mahmoud
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Research and development have great significance and positive effects on the individual and society, as it is considered the wheel of science, societies and universities have become competing and showing off as much as they produce from research and development processes, it expresses awareness in it. This project will present a new redesign of the Educational Research and Development Center structure which is affiliated with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education and funded by Ministry of Finance and Planning. The structure is under construction to date. The structure is located in Birzeit, Ramallah, and Palestine. The structure consists of five typical floors, roof and basement and comes in the form of a L-shape. Its total area equal to 5093.40 m2. It was built of reinforced concrete and. It consists of several facilities such as conference halls, offices, stores, meeting rooms, bedrooms and cafeteria and other utilities. The project contains sequence of analysis and design processes of the structure. The analysis and design of the project will be performed on many loads, such as, static or gravity loads (dead, superimposed dead, live and snow loads) and lateral loads (earth pressure, surcharge, wind and seismic loads). Project contains site investigations for the soil in the site. The structure will be modeled analyzed and designed using ETABS software. And it will be checked and verified using many codes such as ACI 318-19 and ASCE 7-16 for gravity and lateral load. At first, preliminary dimensions calculated, values of the different types of loads according to codes and the structure system selected according to ACI 318-19.Then the modeling of the structure on ETABS 18 and did the checks of the model and the verifications for capacities of structural elements, then the final design will be approval and schematic drawings will be made. Thus, it will be safe, strong and serviceable