Land side Design of Yasser Arafat International Airport

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حذيفه جمعه
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This project analyzes the demand for a Palestinian international airport in Rafah, Gaza, for the design of and a land side of the airport. At the outset, a brief background is given on the location and necessity of an international airport in Palestine. The data obtained from the official authorities in Palestine, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the Israeli occupation state were presented. First, this data is analyzed to relate it to the need to find demand on the land side in Palestine for the year 2050 which consists of travelers from the West Bank and Gaza Strip, Muslim and Christian pilgrims visiting the Holy Land, and tourists. Second, rush hour passenger volume is converted to rush hour vehicle volume based on other airport experience. Next, the number of staff, long and short-haul parking spaces and the required number of public transportation vehicles are calculated by the practice applied at other airports. After analyzing the demand of Gaza International Airport, the design of each component of the ground facilities is implemented. This includes the redesign of part of Salah El Din Street and the design of the airport road and parking areas. Initially the configuration of the airport facilities is determined. This is followed by the establishment of cross-sectional dimensions according to the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO). Finally, the thickness of the pavement layers for each road is determined and road signs and markings are installed. Gaza International Airport will be implemented in 3 phases starting in 2027 and ending in 2050. Analysis of the airport's demand shows that the total number of passengers for 2050 is 5,691,391 passengers and 1,198 employees per shift working at the airport. On the other hand, the number of vehicles heading to the airport reached 721 vehicles per hour, and 701 vehicles departed the airport per hour. As for public transportation, there are 114 airport taxis, 6 buses (50 passengers) and 4 buses (>26 passengers), and the total number of parking spaces at the airport is 575 parking spaces, which includes 55 short-term parking spaces. 244 long-term parking spaces, 200 parking spaces for employees, 68 airport taxi parking spaces, and 8 airport bus parking spaces. However, the connection between the airport and the road system in Rafah will be through a circular road connected with the airport road with two lanes at a speed of 70 km/h. The final cost of the ground facilities for Gaza International Airport is 14,190,715 ₪.