An Integrative Design of Courthouse

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Anas Abu Awad
Omar Khader
Ibrahim Suwan
Shahad Imer
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Nablus city is located in the north of Palestine with a population of (364,333) according to the 2013 Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics With the increasing need for court houses because of the noticed increase in the population and their conflicts, and to improve the services submitted to people, with the lack of court houses built according to best standards, a need for building new courts of became a major and an important necessity in the society. So, our graduation project took action in developing an existing court in Nablus city which was built in 2003 through a fund from Japan by UNDP/PAPP. The project will cover an integrative re-designing the architectural and designing the structural, mechanical, electrical, environmental and safety fields in the light of green buildings. In the structural design, the structure in the project will be analyzed and designed using computer software's. The analysis will include 3-D model of the structure, dynamic analysis, and soil structure interaction. The architectural re-design will focus on selecting the shape, the orientation and the form of the structure depending on the functionality and the environmental requirements. In the mechanical and environmental design, HVAC, water, and sanitary systems in the project will be analyzed and designed. The electrical design will include designing power and lightening systems in the project. In addition, designing the emergency exits, alarm system and fire protection system will be included in the public safety design. All of the abovementioned designs and their analysis's details will be documented in a full report. In addition, the project will deliver detailed design and can be applied in practice. At the end, we assure that this project will provide an optimized (safe, cost effective and unique) re-design of the court.