Redesign of the Businessmen Forum Building

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Adawi, Ameerh
Radwan, Raja’a
Ahmed, Nadia
Draghmeh, Wala’a
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The project was an assessment and a redesign of a businessmen forum building in the western region of Nablus. This project involved two phases, namely: assessment and redesign of the building. The businessmen forum building was selected because the building is in need in this region of Nablus, in addition, this building included different architectural applications and thus enhances architectural design capabilities. Furthermore, all the different engineering aspects were employed to get an integrated design of the building. In the first phase, the building was assessed in all engineering aspect to show the building weaknesses. In addition, the aims of the assessment process were to check the performance of the building against the standards. Any of these weaknesses will strengthen in the redesign phase. The building was assessed architecturally according to international architectural standards. Furthermore, the building was evaluated structurally. It was also assessed environmentally and electromechanically using various computer programs such as: Design Builder and DIAlux.evo. In the second phase, the building was designed using a new construction material architecturally according to the result of the assessment phase. Also, a 3D modeling and all plans of the building were prepared, by employing the software Revit and AutoCAD. Furthermore, the building was designed structurally using a various computer programs such as: Prokon, SAP2000 and ETABS. It was also designed environmentally and electromechanically using various computer programs such as: Design Builder and DIAlux.evo. In addition, the quantities and cost were calculated for the building. The architectural design consider the functionality of the building, the public safety, and the environmental requirements including ventilation, lighting and acoustics systems. In the structural design, the structure was designed including 3D modeling, soil structure interaction and seismic analyze and design, using computer software. The HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning), water supply, sanitary systems were designed through mechanical design. Also, the electrical design included lighting and power systems, finally, emergency exits, alarm system, and fire protection system also were included in the public safety design. The main deliverables of this project were a report that contains all design details and conditions, a table of quantities and drawing of architectural, structural, environmental and electromechanical details.