Smart Home

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Samar, suwadeh
Haya, shu’bi
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Nowadays, the technology became involved in almost everything in our life, because it is making our life easier than before and it saves a lot of time. An example of technology application in daily life is home automation systems in which technology monitors and controls the various services of the home. Home automation is becoming more and more popular around the world and is becoming a common practice. Our project “Smart Home” aims to develop a home automated system which is supposed to be implemented in existing home environments, without any changes in the existing infrastructure. “Smart Home” provides main features for three main objectives: convenience, security and energy saving. Regarding convenience, “Smart Home” allows the user to control home appliances remotely (such as window curtains, heating, lighting...). For security and safety, the system controls and monitors the home and garage doors to allow authenticated people in the home. Regarding energy saving, our system allows users to reduce energy usage by simply turning off lights when they don’t need them with motion detectors. Also, there is an air conditioning system that allows for a wide variety of temperature with heating and cooling with precise control in order to save energy. In our project, we developed “Smart Home” by the use of remote control and sensors with Arduino as a microcontroller. The objective is to make our home safe and use power in an efficient way and offer a high level of security in order to make it easy for users.