Air Hockey Robot

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Abdullah Ahmad
Moath Omar
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Playing and games are helpful in spending free time. In this project we will design and implement a robot that plays the Air Hockey game against a human player, the Idea was inspired from the Air hockey game, which is a two player game, with two goals, and a Puck the object which moves on a low friction surface table . Each player seek to gain more point by entering more goals in the opponent goal and keep his own goal clean.   In our system, we have two players: the human and the robot which for now will try to defense only, and if we have more time we hope to update it to attack also. The system itself consist of different modules, the Air hockey table, puck tracking system, trajectory module Camera for now, scoring system and the Robot /motor Module.   The bottleneck with this project, was the lack of resources here in Palestine, along with the mechanical challenge that we faced to implement a high speed robot.   by the end of this project, we hope to have a robot that is capable to defense and keep its goal clean, with a frictionless table satisfied by the Airflow, and a scoring module; collaborating all together to maximize the user enjoyment and experience .   We must mention here that this project has a previous work which has been recently developed, but we didnt found more than that case. They used a hacked 3D printer parts.   Our system will fulfill the following requirements: 1-         The robot must be fast, such that the goal is well kept. 2-         Trajectory module - Camera and image processing- must be fast too, so that the command doesnt lagged too much.