Student Management & Tracking Web-Based System

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Abdulrahman A.A.Aldee
Luqman S.F.Marabeh
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         This report will discuss our final graduation project, which is a student tracking & management web-based system, it will start with an introduction which will discuss the goal of our project and gives a brief information about the technologies that was used or can be used in this project, then the report will give a probable background about the scenario and theoretical information needed for the project.           The second part is the most important, which contains the system components and the implementation chapters, the system components chapter gives the reader some information about specifications of components that we used in order to complete the project.            The implementation chapter explains the process of making the system in details, this chapter is the resultant of our research and experience in the fields of RFID, GSM modules, PIC programming and PCB implementing.            The algorithm of the project and the cost of the project were shown in the report also.            The appendix will contain data about the reader that we implemented and the PCB files of the reader.