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Wadi Qana is a valley considered to be a natural reserve in Palestine. Its area exceeds 10,000 Dunam.The site is a critical one in Palestine due to the fact that it is being abused by the Israeli settlements surrounding it. The site water springs were polluted with settlement sewer water intentionally in order to harm the Palestinian crops. Thousands of olive trees were pulled out in addition to hundreds of Orange trees. The number of Palestinian families living in the site has fallen down from 50 to 0 in the past 10 years due to the settler’s attacks on the Palestinians there. Most of the houses and Palestinian buildings (MANATIR) - old Palestinian buildings which were used in the past for guarding the crops- are now partially destroyed and need restoration; Only two of which are still functioning. As a result to the problems mentioned before, the concept of the project will be derived from the Palestinian architecture to create a project that will attach the Palestinians to their land and enhance their existence in the region. An old Palestinian "Mintar" is designed in a way that allows full view of the surrounding area for protection purposes. This was usually achieved by adding stairs which reach high levels. In this project, different stairs and ramps were added to allow full view of the beautiful water springs and natural elements in the site. These were also directed in a way which allows a view of the surrounding settlements so tourists will be able to see the effect these settlements have on the Palestinian villages and on Wadi Qana. In addition, the project will attract tourists who are visiting Palestine to the site and therefore prevent the settlers from polluting the site and attacking it. The approach for the design will be derived from the previous analysis. The project will stand against the settlements and emphasis on the Palestinian image and culture. It will benefit from the water springs, the archeological sites, the Palestinian plants and whatever is left from the old Palestinian houses in Wadi Qana.