Analyis And Design Of Planet Biodiversity Research Center

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Hybat Omaria
Morad Shehade
Mahmoud Mahmoud
Qusai Bani Fadel
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The Idea of this project came from the need of Palestinian area to a Plant Biodiversity Research Centre because it’s an agricultural country since that no centre like this in our country, and it will serve all region around it, and because it have a very important details, We wanted to make a qualitative and quantitative progress in plant research, so we decided to make a structural design for this research centre for this area. The project is going to be with two stages divided into two semesters, the first stage will include fully details about soil properties of the site, the materials used in construction, loads types(DEAD, LIVE, EARTH QUAKE ) and its combination, and verification check according to IBC 2012, ASCE 7-10 and ACI 318-11 codes , and preliminary design for its member and manual calculation according to basic principles learned in the related courses to select initial dimensions, and make a 3D model for a block of this research centre and analysed it using SAP 2000 or ETABS program . The second stage it will have a fully details plans and sections for all member in this research centre using AUTOCAD program. The main objectives of the project are to make a qualitative and quantitative development in plant science in Palestine country and to make some environmental sensitive by Palestinian people.