Wind Tunnel for Forced Convection

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Mahmoud, khamayseh
Ahmed, Ghanem
Salah, Brawish
Alaa, Khalaylh
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The wind tunnel is a device to measure the local heat transfer coefficient and determine the relationship between Nusselt number and Reynolds number for a heated objects subjected to cooling by a cross flow of air. This project aims to measure heat transfer coefficient for all kind of objects; the wind tunnel device measure heat transfer coefficient which is used in the heat lab is limited to specific specimens. There are several aspects that must be covered to determine these coefficients, these aspects include laminar and turbulent flows, velocity boundary layers, thermal boundary layers, similarity parameters, convection coefficient and channel flows. The main objective of this project is to described and calculate convection coefficient for objects with several shapes by existing equation. The device consists of a metal tube with thermocouple used to measure the temperature of objects, sensor power supply and balancing equipment, data acquisition system, model for the calculation of the heat transfer coefficient (h). This devise is quit famous and widely used in many universities, it is used in AN-Najah National University but it is limited to educational application, the importance of this project is to design a wind tunnel which can serve experiences other than educational ones and for many types of specimens