Design of Primary School

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Ghannam, Mohammad
Hamdan, Obadah
Al-Atrash, Mousa
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School design is important and requires its presence in all population groups in any region of the world, there is an educational institution such as universities, colleges, institutes and schools to promote the educational, cultural and intellectual level in this region, so this project will talk about the full and integrated design of this school. The type of schools is primary, basic and secondary schools, this project will take about basic schools, basic schools will be containing many of external and internal spaces to provide a suitable location for education and comfortable for children. These internal spaces will be including administrative offices, art facilities, cafeteria, classroom, gymnasium, health services, media center, labs, multipurpose room and restroom. Furthermore, outside spaces will include playground, garden and parking, so that these information reach to a comfortable design for all users of this building of teaching staff, students and workers. This graduation project will talk about school’s design, study and collect information about them in all aspects of design that are architectural, structural, electricity, mechanical and environmental because of its great importance in order to achieve the ideal requirements and standards for all these design aspects. The project will be studying of the feasibility of a local school. Our selection was made at Ibn Al-Haitham School in Tubas Governorate to reach a case study from it, and then searching for the international standard designs of the schools in all design aspects and comparing them and extracting optimal values and principles that mimic the reality and use these values and designs to design an ideal school based on Previously standards. At the end of graduation project one, a lot of information and aspect will be collected about basic school and make a full lecture view. These aspects important to make comparison with a case study for local school. Then start to prepare architectural plans for the new school from all of collecting data. graduation project two will be a continue of other design aspects of the planed school in graduation project one for all of design aspects structural, electrical, mechanical and environmental.