3D Dynamic Analysis And Design of Masjed Al Kawther

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Mohammad Zaki
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When this universe was created, God is offering everything for the survival of human being and life on this planet like food and necessary materials. People built houses to protect   themselves using different materials like stone, wood, then steel and concrete structure which is used vastly nowadays all over the world. Masjed Al Kawther will be built in the town ofTulkarem. The basic objective of this project is to design and analyze this project to resist gravity loads and meet requirements for the design of the Minaret and the dome. The first floor (area 360 m2) has residence for the imam 56 m2, center for learning Holy Quran 120 m2 and a place for women to pray 62 m2, and bathrooms 30 m2 for 2nd and 3rd floors, then the second & third floor for praying. Minaret has 36 m high from ground and its base area about 10m2 The soil bearing capacity of the site of our project  250 kg/ m2. In the structural design it is required to focus on designing a safe structure without compromising the desired function and trying to develop an economical design that meets the special needs of architectural design.    A mathematical model representing the real structure will be made. The analysis of a 2D and 3D structural model for the building under static loads (static mode) will be made. The analysis will be verified using conceptual or manual calculations for 1D model. Detailed design using manual and a software program like SAP will also be presented. In The of  minaret  separately considered in this project has a height of 36 m and it designed as a divided from mosque structure and will appear as attached to the mosque structure by using earthquake joint      The strategy followed in the design of minaret is to calculate wind and earthquake load respectively and decide about the load combination which will be used in analysis using SAP2000 program and checks to be ready for design    
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