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Abu-doleh, Mariam
Abdallah, Laila
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Nature, water, air and everything around us are gifts from Allah, and to be active people we must protect our environment from pollution. Unfortunately, we see waste in our streets, our cities, our gardens and everywhere. Despite the existence of garbage containers, people dump waste in the streets. So, we thought of a project that encourages people to dump waste in containers and thus keep the environment clean. This project is Smart Bin. This smart bin must has a system to detect some kinds of material such as plastic bottles and aluminum cans. Also, give every user a card that help the city council to know the identity of the user. In addition, the bin must detect the level of waste and send a notification to council when it full. And the bin will have small LCD to show some information. The idea is to increase the points for user who come and put rubbish in bin. Number of points added depending on weight of rubbish. Also, if user put materials that can be recycled such as plastic or aluminum cans in a particular space, the number of points that added will be more. If user put wrong material in some place, for example, if a person put plastic in aluminum place, a LED will light up to tell the user that there is something wrong. The council will Know who the user by using a card and RFID reader to read the card and the bin will send the information to the council. these points can convert to discount on electricity, water and other bills. When user come and the bin read his card, the LCD will show the name and number of points in a user account. Finally, the bin must detect the level of rubbish using Ultrasonic Level Sensor and send message to council that the bin is full.