Development of The Local Economy in The Villages of West Salfit

The concept of local economic development is one of the concepts that should emphasized in our Palestinian reality because of the occupation and its control over most of the natural and cultural resources that can be a source of support for the local economy and competition of Israeli products for Palestinian products that negatively affect the local economy. In order to reserve the resources and marketing of Palestinian products and to provide employment opportunities for young workers working in occupied lands. The Local Economic Development Project aims to preserve and protect the land from settlement and enable local communities to make optimal use of available resources and link local authorities with a strategic plan to support each other, expand the economic base and create jobs by developing a strategy to remove obstacles and facilitation investment. The research site chosen in the west of Salfit Governorate (mahsa, Al Zawyah, Rafat, Derblout). The research includes many elements, including the diagnosis by which information collected and analyzed to reach the needs of the region to determine the vision to achieve. It must work to develop an integrated plan for the local economic development of the study area