Aerodynamic Bump

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Amr Malhis
Shadi Qazza
Odai Amira
Omar Abu Ghdaib
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Abstract:Invent a new way to generate electricity "Aerodynamic Bump"   For ages and for multiple reasons, especially the lack of energy sources in Palestine and the dominance of Israel over the energy sources. Palestine faces serious issues of using energy sources that make us have a need to find new way to generate electricity through renewable energy sources    The concept of this project is an aerodynamic bump that generate electricity through comprising air in a closed system, then the compressed air runs the turbine, when the air pass through it then after the electricity had been generated, it will store in stationary batteries    This project is the first of kind in the world, but there is similar application that used to generate electricity like speed bump power generating system and speed bump pave the way to alternative energy  The main three points to be achieved in this project 1-      Find a new way to consume the renewable energy effectively2-      Reduce the cost of electricity due to the cost of the electricity is high 3-      Amount of power generated.   To achieve the first point which is finding new way to consume the renewable energy we invent the aerodynamic bump that made the function that we looking for.   The second point is concentrated on reducing the cost of electricity due to the electricity in Palestine is purchased from Israeli's market which is considered high respectively with other countries   The third point which is considered the main point of this project is the amount of the power generated, because we seek for a large amount as possible as we can to produce.Description Of the system:   When the vehicle cross over the bump the board metal plate presses up the bump down in order to pressure on flexible pipes filled with air and inside these pipes there are springs to keep the bump standing, Air rushes by the metal plate in order to pressure pumped through pipes connected to the main pipe congregate in which compressed air and air to arrive Wells turbine which continues to rotate in the same direction by the air pressure. The Impeller (Wells Turbine) rotates to drive an electric generator. We can use toothed wheels or gears to reach between the turbine and generator are organizing the turbine rotation speed equal to the rotation speed and regular. Electricity generator generates a continuous electrical current DC or AC depending on the type of generator used and regulated energy generated by an electricity transformer and sends power to the electricity grid or stored in stationary batteries. The springs inside bumps raising the ceiling bump so that expands after crossing the vehicle and so pulls the air again into bump to reflect the air again through the Wells turbine but in the opposite direction and because of this property that turbine continues to rotate in the same direction with the change of direction of air, and then be the bump ready to receive another vehicle to repeat the cycle.Objectives of Project:   The objectives of this project are:1. Investigate the Aerodynamic bump systems and applications.2. To utilize the exists of the bumps on roads to generate electricity.3. Design and construct aerodynamic bump systems that produce electricity without any cost depending on the air-flow principals.