Mosque design

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Al Faris, Dawoud
Tayyah, Sami
Abu eishe, Muhammad
Takrouri, Muhammad
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This project introduces the integration between various engineering disciplines such as architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical and HVAC, etc. With the massive expansion of Palestinian areas while the highest percentage of Palestinians people are Muslims it became important to provide those areas with new mosques. The compatibility between all engineering disciplines has been an important aspect that must be taken into consideration in design process comparing with the past 10 years where each discipline designed separately. While we are talking about designing worship places such as a mosque (our project in question), we must keep in mind the importance of special environmental questions, like thermal, visual and acoustical aspects these aspects influence the mosque comfort performance. The architectural design of mosques has been developed over several years. Therefore, in this project our concern will focus on respect the recent mosques considerations in terms of typology, morphology, spaces and services. Our project has been designed by 2nd year architecture student. It founds in the north part of Nablus city on a site between Nablus specialty hospital and AN-Najah National University. Our design will go through two parts, the first one will be as a literature review for mosques design requirements. Different case studies a world will be presented. And based on that literature review an extensive revision of the proposed mosque will be done. This will help us to identify to what extent that design complies with mosque standards and requirements, as illustrated in the literature part. Then a conceptual structural system will be proposed also. The second part we will design for structure with full details. Depending on the architectural design environmental design (Daylight, lighting and acoustic) will be analyzed and finally, design for other systems such as mechanical and electrical with being careful about the integration between all the systems in the mosque.