Fast cuisine

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majd sallam
Dana faqeh
Neveen al soqi
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Fast cuisine is the proposed system that will solve all weakness that manually order has ,it based on collecting  all restaurant that provide delivery service and all meals that they make in  one place and in  simple way , which  will simplify the process of choosing the interested meals for customer .by offers region all customer will have up to date offers that restaurants offer , and so they can easily test different placements of dishes in the menu, setup daily offerings or handle items with limited availability.    by this website all restaurant have the ability to market to their restaurant and avoid all misunderstanding that may occur ,  restaurant might not be opened 24/7, but online there is no reason why they  shouldnt be available for every customer, thus make money even while  they sleep.  So, customers have the flexibility to place the orders whenever convenient for them, even outside restaurants business hours. They will just schedule a preferred pickup or delivery time within their working time. When they open, they already have a to-do list to review and to start acting on.
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