Optimum Performances of Ramallah & Al-Birah Governorate Network

dc.contributor.advisorMaher Khammash (Department Head)
dc.contributor.authorAhamd Sameer
dc.contributor.authorMasoud Bani-Nimra
dc.contributor.authorJomaa Osama
dc.description.abstract     The important aspects to be covered in this project are preparing the initial data for Ramallah & Al-Bireh Governorate‎network and subject to a load flow study using modern software like ETAP to improve the voltage level and reduce the electrical losses in the network by improving the power factor and increase the reliability of the network and deals with the protection of network.The objectives of the project are:To be familiar with Ramallah & Al-Bireh Governorate‎network.To improve the voltage level and decrease the real power losses.To get an economic benefits.To increase the reliability of the network.To keep the network protected and stable by isolating only the components those are under fault.In order to do these objectives these method will be followed:Built the line diagram for ETAP program.Collect the data for the network including all parameters.Load flow analysis and study for network under (max. min. and fault condition).Voltage control of the network by using T.F and reactive power sources.Increase the capability of the transformer and transmission line.Using the protective relay or circuit breaker or by using the batteries to keep the network stable and under protection.The idea of this project is known but its applied with different way by using modern softwares and solving some real practical problems from which this network suffer by the cooperation Jerusalem District Electricity Company JDECOwhich gives us the help we need to take any decision to develop the network.Note:If we have an enough time, we will design simple load flow software by using MATLAB program.en
dc.titleOptimum Performances of Ramallah & Al-Birah Governorate Networken
dc.typeGraduation Project
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