Analysis of Cinema building in Nablus

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Sreide, Mohammad
Omar, Ahmad
Almohor, Tayyeb
Salameh, Mohammad
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Palestine is a country that lacks places to entertain and spend fun times such as playground, parks and cinemas, as their number is few compared to the rest of the world, and this confirms our need for such places. This is what prompted us to choose cinema design in Nablus city in the "Jamal Abdel Nasser" park, the area of the building about 400 m2 divided on two floors, the land area is about 4000 m2, As we know, any cinema there are three important aspects that must be taken into account, the architectural side, the environmental side, and the structural side of the project, as the architectural aspects explore the attractive view of the building, taking into account the functional distribution and dimensional criteria, the environmental aspects provide thermal comfort, light and sound for the people who use the building, as for the aspect. The structural is concerned with the strength of the building, the distribution of loads and the locations of the structural elements in the building, such as the columns, for example. We will branch out in each side until we achieve the main requirement of any cinematic building, which is comfort for viewers and visitors, envisioning a project for a cinema building.