Bag Plus

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Hamdallah, Suhaib
Abu-Qasedo, Mohammed
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Sometimes travelers have difficulty in moving with their bags, and some of them lose their bags while traveling during their flight or at airports. That’s why we decided to make this project about a smart bag called Bag+ (Bag plus). This smart bag guarantees the traveler the freedom to move around by catching the bag with the traveler, either by self-control through an application on his mobile phone so that he is led to control the speed and direction of the bag using an accelerometer or automatically using infrared sensors transmitters and receivers. Also, there is a security system on the bag to prevent it from being opened except by the owner of the bag and he can open it through the RFID tag and reader on the bag. In addition to all that, there will be a GPS tracking system on the bag so that the traveler can know where his bag is and how far the bag is from him using the ultrasonic