Smart Finger App

dc.contributor.advisorMoetasem Masood Amin Abo-Zant
dc.contributor.authorOways Othman
dc.contributor.authorHani Arenat
dc.description.abstractSince we all live in the 21th century , we had to keep up with the technology and the improvement that keeps increasing day by day.   And the reason of all of this technology is to make our lives better and better , in our opinion the main criteria's of an amazing and useful application are two words easy and fast.   Our application is to achieve this task very well so as to allow the user to easily use his smart phone , the user can search and direct access  for applications and files great plains, as well as perform many actions such as running or delete files.   In addition to its ability to search or run applications and access to settings by a single movement, so that it is stored in advance what to do this movement. en
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dc.titleSmart Finger Appen
dc.titleSmart Finger Appar
dc.typeGraduation Project
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