Developing and Improving The Management System at Languages and Capacity Building (LCB) Academy

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Lama Bustami
Sima Masri
Haneen Dawoud
Yasmine Tibi
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The project  based on the detail of  the academy , Attempts to always be knowledgeable about all aspects as much as possible, we started with the foundation stone by selecting the goals and policies of the Academy and painted the Mission and vision that aspires to achieve them always , at the beginning of any establishment to begin execution of the work had to be an arrangement and Consistency to avoid mistakes and departure that may lead to the closure of the facility , it is observed through the project , with an organizational structure which was built in a logical manner that commensurate with the size of the Academy as it will fit more advanced situation ,also it's easy to expansion the work , it's flexible to modified it , by the organizational structure  many relations of  job Titles was explained , as well as the relationship between the staff and the Director setting the responsibilities , and procedures which is extracted from the organizational structure , all of these steps  led to manage  information easier and faster  to implement it and work as a guideline  the trainers and trainees.   Due to the need of the center to effective management to organize its performance and monitoring it to achieve the set goals , the following recommendation are made to concerning Adoption and implementation of the project ,computerize it, Develop and expand our business and  activation of the units in the proposed organizational structure. 5.1 adoption and implementation of the project in the LCB academey : The project contain  a detailed directives  that easy to implement and comprehend ,  in case of the execution of the project a  great  improvement could be observed. 5.2 transform our work into computerized programs. By using computer programs ensure that all the data and information are organized and easy to review  it, also there is many programs are specialized in registration activity and financial accounting such as java program, that make easier on the employee to do his task adequately with modern methods 5.3 develop and expand our project. In case of  the expansion of the academey all the required procedures are provided in the project  , also the project is capable to absorb any development in the center domain and future plans. 5.4  Activation of the units in the proposed organizational structure. The organizational structure provided fit the nature and goals of the academey, in can be applied for the current situation of the center in its simplicity and can be applied for an advanced performance and complex procedures . each unit takes place with a defined limits and subtasks.