Underground Structural Design Of an Aquarium Hotel - Aqaba Gulf

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Ragheed Abu AlSuod
Mohammed Aqqad
Shatha Abu Suod
Abd Al hamid Abu zarour
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The graduation project was conceder about construct a Hotel in the Aqaba Gulf in Jordan, in the first part of the project we had to detect the location of the hotel and collect the data like the elevations and the soil type. So we studied the soil in the site and studied the problems that may occur from the soil and find the solutions. Also we prepared the site for starting the construction by support the excavation using a special types of piles and determine the size of it and how we support it. In the second part of the project, we studied the forces that affect the building like the waves and earthquake In this part of project we studied the foundation and design a suitable one so we had a two types the normal one and foundation with piles so measure the quantities and cost of the two types and take the less cost ( the second one ) and prepare the reinforcement of it.