Transportation System Management of Al-Masyoon Area in Ramallah City

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Ahmad Salah Judeh
Mohammad Sameer Sulaiman
Maher Omar Abu Haweleh
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The increased expansion in the region formed a necessity of this project, since this region is a key connector to the neighboring places especially the CBD of Ramallah city.This project will, at the first place, study and analyze the existing network to determine their problems and make suitable modifications and improvements if needed, in order to make it more suitable for serving the citizens of the region and the other people that use the road network.Al-Masyoon region is considered as one of the most vital regions in Ramallah because it includes many governmental institutions, it has a huge commercial movement and urban traffic. Subsequently, it is needed to evaluate traffic movement to keep pace with the needs of region.1.3 Problem Definition:The area is currently experiencing severe delays and congestion. Some of the major intersections in the area are signalized. The area experiences sever parking shortages. The area is also expected to experience growth of traffic that should be analyzed so as to identify existing and future traffic and transport problems.