Assessment and Design of Al- Jam’a Tower

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Ghaithaa’ Lahlooh
Rabab Jarrar
Salam Kharrousheh
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This project about Assessment and design of Al- Jam’a Tower which is located in Jenin. The Tower has a total area about 11018 m2 , it consists 9 floors and roof. In our project we made a structural analysis for the tower as it built (included all structural elements with used dimensions).Then assessment was conducted for the first case under gravity and seismic loads, we faced some of problems in ability of the model to resist assumed loads .According to that we redesign the model with new dimensions for `structural elements including (slabs, beams, columns and shear walls). A mathematical model was needed to represent the structure in reality so we used a software programs such as ETABS in order to make a 3D analysis, we considered all possible loads on the structure "gravity and lateral loads" based on structural codes like ACI 318-14, ASCE7-10 and IBC, the results were verified using conceptual hand calculation for 1D model. The structural elements were designed as reinforced concrete members according to strength and serviceability criteria, detailed design using software program will also be presented using AutoCAD