Design of Shopping Center -Nablus

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Mohammad Khader
Israa Qadomi
Yousef Adnan
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Our Project is Shopping Center; the location of the proposed site is in Nablus city in Palestine.  We will design architectural, structural, electrical and mechanical plans for a shopping center, in addition to considering the environmental aspects and designs. The project will service people on the city and the visitors of Nablus city, and will achieve the architectural and environmental objectives in addition to structural, electrical and mechanical standards. The design will consider the environmental requirements and needs, in addition to the architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical systems and the design will be eco friendly.  The reason of choosing an environmentally designed project is the benefits that can  be obtained, such as; low energy consumption, less pollution to the outside atmosphere which mean environmentally friendly building. Moreover, the governments and the world attitude claims for such buildings especially after the global warming problems arise.  Our project will improve performance in metrics such as energy savings, waterefficiency and improved indoor environmental quality.