SOS Children's Village

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Alia, Rand
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The reason for this choice: Childhood is a fundamental stage in the life of any human being and if the child has the full rights of him this will result positively in him, and have active individuals and are not dependent or resentful for their lack of access to them. Due to the large number of orphan children recently for many reasons, it was necessary to find a place to shelter them and provide them with living The idea of a SOS-style village with homes, a school, a kindergarten with an indoor play area, an outdoor playground, a clinic and a restaurant was built on an area of approximately 26,000 square meters. Design idea: Through the use of (Rubik's Cube Puzzle), because our life is a puzzle that we spend between moments of grief and loss of time and moments of joy and gain another chance to get to stability or solution ,I used the square grid for cube 3 * 3 and divided each square into pieces randomly and kept some of them to represent the buildings (representing joy), and delete the other part to form private and public spaces (representing loss). The rotational motion was used to solve the cube to distinguish residential areas from public buildings, taking into account the boundaries of land and levels. The colorful aluminum facades of the school were used to encourage them to learn (environmentally friendly aluminum). There were also lots of green space and space in each house dedicated to planting a shrub for each child to give him confidence and develop his abilities