Design Of Absorption Tower Graduation Project

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Naser, Ala'a
Al-Awad, Noor
Al-Nouri, Sana
Takrori, Sherin
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Many Palestinian industrial activities release undesirable odors such as vapors produced from coffee beans toasters and chicken by-products processing Aziza Company. These activities need very expensive industrial absorption towers to control the emitted odors. This project is a local industrial attempt to tackle such industrial odor problems. The absorption towers are entirely similar to distillation towers. The differences are in construction materials. PVC is used as a construction material of our absorption tower while the transparent poly acrylate is used for construction internal mass transfer perforated grids. Each grid has about 30 holes of 3mm hole diameter. The perforation has been made by computerized CNC machine. It has five gas absorption units with 13cm internal diameter. A stainless steel liquid pump with proper liquid/ gas flow meters installed. The absorption tower is mobile to allow transportation to any working place to carry out experiments. The hydrodynamic experiments on this system show that it has a wide working regime with low-pressure loss. The used liquid flow rates are up to 500 L/h while the permitted polluted airflow rates are up to 8000L/h. The absorption tower has one transparent gas absorption unit for teaching purposes to allow the students to follow up the foam structure inside this unit. The foam structure is responsible for the performance of the gas absorption unit because it generates the interfacial area between gas and liquid. There are specific formulae to calculate the interfacial area and give the ground to compare between different absorption towers. One molar NaOH aqueous solution with 1% CO2 gas is taken as a basic reaction for calculation the interfacial area. This tower exhibits promising interfacial area of about 100-150 m2/m3 It is worth to say that the import value of such system is about 25 ,000 US dollars. The total cost of this absorption tower that has been constructed by our group has not exceeded $4000. The processing capacity of the absorption towers are increased with diameter of the tower. In general, five absorption units are enough for such gas absorption processes.