Smart Garden: IOT

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Ghanim, Aseel
Malek, Majdoleen
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Internet of Things (IOT) may be a conception within which close objects are connected through wired and wireless networks without intervention of the user. Within IOT field, the objects communicate and exchange data to supply advanced intelligent services for users. The main goal of the project is to create an easy and enjoyable way for homeowners to control their home gardens easily and simply, by controlling the lights, music, or irrigation system and so on, and at the same time in an inexpensive way with a simple mobile application. Our project will be an important IOT application that allows garden owners to control their gardens manually or automatically. This application will gather many features and give feedback to the owners. The feedback is given based on sensors. There will be a movable roof that will be closed or opened depending on weather conditions such as the presence of the sun or rain. Moreover, there will be a lighting system that lights up at night hours or specific hours we controlled, and it turns off when the sunlight is sufficient. There will be a button that controls planets' irrigation that depends on sensors to measure the extent of soil dryness and temperature. All these features will be on our mobile application as buttons to control. Our project has not been implemented before in the same way we worked. All the existing projects are similar to it in terms of the irrigation system, but they are projects for controlling and irrigating farms and not for controlling the garden of the house.