Palestine Snakes

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Hafitha, Waed
Sarra, Raneen
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Palestine Snakes Software Graduation Project Conclusion Palestine Snakes project is an application that can identify and recognize the type of the snakes that live in Palestine, using image processing and artificial intelligence. The goal of this project is to provide a useful and complete knowledge about the snakes world, especially, Palestine snakes. The application allows taking a picture for a snake, and by analyzing that picture, it will show the snake type and the full information about it; like if it is poisonous or not, the anti-venom for the poisonous snakes, the side effects if someone has been bitten, and the first aids which should be done to reduce the risk. The application contains a map of Palestine showing the types of snakes that live in each city. It also provides the option to call for a help if dangerous thing happens. The application contains pages for each snake lives in Palestine. The pages provide full information about each snake like its length and its features. The application also, provides the ability for the users to create their own profiles that will allows them to post and follow other people. The application was developed by gathering the required information and pictures from the internet, also, from the Palestinian snakes experts. We tried to do some related work research, we found no similar application that uses image processing to recognize the type of snake in google play store, however, there was applications that is limited to just giving an information about the snakes.