Traffic Accident Emergency Notifications System

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Amereh, Mohammad
Soubh, Mohammad
Jamleh, Noor
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The Rapid growth of technology has made our life easier. This advancement in technology also increased the traffic hazards. Hence the ratio of road accidents which take place frequently increases causing immense loss of life due to poor emergency facilities. Our project provides a solution for accident in order to make the human life safety. It enables intelligent detection of an accident at any place and reports about the accident if it's happen. Our project of GPS [15] module, Wi-Fi module and web site for reporting issue. The system depend on accident so that when a vehicle face an accident, immediately a vibration sensor will detect that an accident happen and send a signal message to the Microcontroller, Due to this signal, an alert message will be send through Wi-Fi module including coordination for the location of accident and MAC address of the Wi-Fi module which set in the car to online website specifically for emergency centers, due to this information they can detect the location of accident immediately from MapQuest and the number ,type and size of vehicle , then they can add any notes about accident