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Sabbah, Naheel
Dweikat, Salma
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Recently, technology has developed and has become an essential part of our lives, and the need for it has increased in all aspects of daily life. The pandemic of the COVID-19 led to home quarantine and prevention of movement. This situation increased the need for e-shopping, especially the necessary needs such as medicines and treatments. Our project aims to design an application that allows the user to obtain treatment and health care products from home, limiting the movement, hence the spread of the virus. The PharmEasy is an application that serves the owner of the pharmacy, the staff, and all users who will purchase from the pharmacy, and the Ministry of Health who will supervise the powers and prices of medicines and products. On the one hand, the owner of the pharmacy will be able to control his staff, monitor the progress of the sales process, and evaluate it, as he can know the sales, profit, and shortcomings of the pharmacy through daily and monthly reports from the staff. He also supervises the communication process between staff and users. On the other hand, the staff will communicate with patients or the manager through a chatting system and receive requests from patients. Also, the user can search for the nearest pharmacy to his/her location or search for pharmacies working during holidays. The user can also search for specific medicine or medical and cosmetic product. Users can also rate the pharmacy. There are many applications similar to our application. However, the difference is that these applications are either in the English or designated for a specific country. A few similar Arabic applications are not available for Palestine. Our project objective is to provide an application that helps users in the Palestinian region. We will be using React Native and Node.js to develop and create this app.