Desingn Of Water WasteWater and Storm Water Netwrks For Beit-Qad Village

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Mohammad Antari
Ahmad Sawafta
Odai Shtaewi
Ammar Zaidan
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  We cant imagine our life without the basic natural resource for our survival, water; actually we cant do anything without water. Many years ago, people transfer water from its sources to their homes in many ways; they used to be carrying it by hands, animals, or may be make channels. The need of water to be available in our homes, hospitals, and other institutions is increasing daily due to the development of our needs. Hence, the idea of the water distribution networks came. Worldwide, more than 80% of the water supplied becomes wastewater. Accordingly, the proper disposal of the wastewater is so important to eliminate negative impacts on our environment including air, soil, and groundwater.   This project aims to introduce a complete design of the water and sanitation infrastructures in Biet-Qad village including water distribution network, sewer system, and storm drainage system. Biet-Qad is located 7 km to the east of Jenin city. It has a population of 2500 capita living without these important infrastructures.  This project will give us the ability to apply the theoretical principles that we have learned, and learn many of Softwares that will help us in our design.     To achieve the project objectives,the following softwares will be utilized; WaterCad for designing water distribution networks, SewerCad for sewer system, StormCad for storm drainage system, in addition of geographical information system (GIS) to preparing the input data for the design.           PROBLEM STATEMENT In Beit-Qad,there are no WDN, SS, and SDS. The main source of water in the village is cisterns, the harvested rainwater quality and quantity not enough to satisfy the increasing demand in the village.Due to the absence of sewer collection system, people used cesspits to get rid of wastewater which has with no doubt several problems to soil and groundwater.  The nonexistence of storm drainage system Has a great and serious effects on the population in the first place, by causing damage to homes farms and livestock. These misdirected rains can benefit from them later in the irrigation process. This situation has complied the motivation to design WDN, SS, and SDS in trying to overcome the problems related.   OBJECTIVES           This graduation project aims to provide a detailed design of Beit-Qad infrastructures. In light of the above, the following objectives will be achieved   Design (WDN) for the village.Design sewer system.Design storm drainage system.