Bus & Taxi Station

dc.contributor.advisorMuayed A. Salhab
dc.contributor.authorAbeer Hawash
dc.contributor.authorAfnan Foqha
dc.contributor.authorHaya Awad
dc.description.abstractOur idea of this project comes from the importance of organizing the traffic movement  and make people who use the station more comfortable , also give the proper distribution of the facilities, in a way giving good arrangement and saving time. The project presents a design of a bus and taxi station in the western region of Tulkarm. There is no centralized bus station in Palestine that  achieve  comfort  zone for peoples who use public transportations, so we selected this project to design a bus station that will be achieve  good circulation , ventilation , cooling and prevent  over heating that will generated from big  vehicles.   The project designed in an integrated manner, the methodology is summarized in several aspects, which includes architectural, structural, electrical, environmental, mechanical, and safety design. The architectural design takes into consideration the form and orientation of the building, and the appropriate areas for each part, which depend on the function of the building, and the environmental requirements. In the structural design, the structure designed by using computer software; dynamic analysis, and seismic design. The HVAC, water, and sanitary systems designed through mechanical design. In addition to that, the electrical design includes lighting and power systems. Finally, emergency exits, alarm system, and fire protection system also included in the public safety design.en
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dc.titleBus & Taxi Stationen
dc.titleBus & Taxi Stationar
dc.typeGraduation Project
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