Structural Analysis and Design of Kadoorie Faculty of Science and Literatures Building

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Mustafa Ramadan
Raghad Bishawi
Oday Kalbouneh
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This project addresses The Structural Analysis and Design of Kadoorie Faculty of Science and Literatures building. The project is located in Tulkarm city at Jaffa Street with GPS coordinates of 32.3180553944 , 35.0238832378 (3219'5.00" N , 3501'25.98" E) and about 69 m above mean sea level as shown in Figure 1.1. The construction consists of four floors having a total area about 5850 m. These floors contain classrooms, teachers' rooms, chancellors room, libraries, laboratories, meetings room, bathrooms, cafeteria and other facilities.     Kadoorie Faculty of Science and Literatures is considered as the heart of Palestine Technical University-Kadoorie since it includes several departments with large number of students. Moreover, it contributes in teaching the main courses for all other faculties especially the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology. According to its importance, we've decided to take it as a case study for our graduation project, which is the first time it had been done .The main objective of this study is to redesign the building structurally taking into accounts static and dynamic considerations.   In the first part of the project, the structure was analyzed and designed under both static and dynamic loads. Structural design includes the design of slabs, beams, columns, shear walls and footings. The design was conducted using two methods: manually in the preliminary design phase and by using a computer design program for the 3-D modeling of the structure. Design detailing for all structural elements was performed in the second part of the project.                                    Columns locations were provided based on architectural and structural requirements. The structural elements were designed as reinforced concrete members, using ETABS software, according to strength and serviceability criteria as specified in ACI 318-11, ACI 318-14, ASCE 7-10 and ASTM. For seismic design, IBC-2012 was used.   At the end, detailed drawings were prepared, using AutoCAD software, to show the layout of all structural elements.  
  -. - 69 GPS  ",35.0238832332.3180553944" (1.1). 4 5850 2 . .    - . . . .   . . : ( ) ( ). .   .           - ETABS - : ACI 318-11 ACI 318-14 ASTM        ASCE 7-10 . IBC 2012.   - AutoCAD .