Remote Controller

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I'tidal Rashdan
Yasmeen Amer
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In this project the objective was making a remote controller of a computer from a mobile phone.   The main features have to be being able to see desktop image and its changes through mobile phone, also being able to control mouse movement by touching the mobile screen, the second feature is to be able to send keyboard presses using a virtual keyboard on the mobile platform, being able to also send files from the mobile to the computer through Wi-Fi and lastly and its a feature that hasnt been finished while this report is being written is being able to stream audio from a mobile MIC to the pcs speaker. The way the desktop image feature have been implemented is by constantly taking screenshots of the desktop and sending them to be displayed on an ImageView through Wi-Fi, and the second feature is by taking (x,y) coordinates from the mobile screen and sending them through Wi-Fi the keyboard feature is also done the same way and the file sending feature is also done by dividing and sending file parts through Wi-Fi and the audio streaming feature is done using a library called NAudio in the PC side.  As a result the screenshots have been successfully sent with a delay of about two seconds or three seconds and the mouse commands are also send at the same time while looking at the screenshots, though the keyboard feature is done separately and the file feature has worked successfully sending any kind of file with a size up to 10MB.