Town Defenders

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Osama Abu Omar
Hakam Risheh
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This game project lies under the strategic games type, it will initially be released for Windows PCs and Xbox 360 users and afterwards will be available for WP8 devices on the Windows 8 Market Place, for now, opponents can only play over a local area network.  We chose this project for several reasons; these type of games are becoming very popular these days and are able to attract a lot of players because Humans can play against each other (which is more fun than playing with a computer) and have some addiction to keep playing with a sense of achievement for what the game has to offer from building armies to conquer cities to maintaining the economical state. And it is easy to adapt in-app purchasing to make some profit as planned. Also this type of games is relatively less consuming to develop than most modern games. And in a personal manner, this project will be the entrance to professional game development.  The process of development will include initial Analysis (project requirements) and game prototyping (in a simple manner) to complete the general ideas and make some main decisions, then well go through game graphical design (game world, characters, sounds etc.), then comes the Design phase that will mainly focus on making a design that is easy to maintain and extend to make room for updates, and then well start development and testing phases.  Well be using XNA 4.0 Framework for the game development process because its fairly less time consuming considering our previous experiences, and the best way to get into game development.