Visualizing Ruwah Related Data By Interactive Graph

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بشارات, يارا
الدبيك, نور
جابر, راما
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With the continuous achievements in Information Technology and its applications in different life fields, huge amounts of data are generated daily that makes searching for specific data items is a time/effort consuming process. However, several techniques are implemented and used to seek for information such as search engines and information generation centers. Requesting data from historical warehouses is a famous routine as well, since extracting knowledge from historical repositories is needed in several daily life applications. The Arabic language has a lot of historical repositories represented in literature periodicals and books. Prophet Mohammad's (PBUH) talks are one of these important historical source that can be used for knowledge extraction. These talks are collected and verified by a set of Muslim scholars in which Al-Bukhari was a famous one of them. This work is related to visualize the narrators of prophet Mohammad (PBUH) talks as an interactive graph for both the narrator's related information and the talks themselves. Moreover, a set of graph centrality measures have been executed in order to quantify the importance of each narrator in the process of talks narration. The conducted experimental test emerges the importance of using the Interactive Graph versus the manual searching of Ahadith