Intellegent recomendation system for social media content

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Awadallah, Islam
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This project is intended to serve any one who is interested in buying and/or selling their stuff like laptops, phones .. etc on Facebook. But I'am targeting those who don't have website platform to show their products on. Many people are tending to use Facebook marketing pages, a seller usually tries to publish his product on pages in order to reach more customers, for example Palestine has many Facebook public pages and store owners start to create Facebook pages to show their products for customers, if you ever tried to figure out these pages you will know how difficult it would be to go for all of them and scroll in each one of them to get more choices for your intended product that you wish to buy. In this project I will scrap some Facebook pages, identify items that people try to sell, and categorize them, then display them in an ordered way on an e-commerce website, then the interested people can examine the Facebook post that offers products for sale and read the description. In this project I will try to analyze facebook pages and return the reliable pages that express some stores, then allow the system to focus on this pages or stores to get a lot of products from them
python , analysis , flask, xampp