Smart Parking System(SPS)

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Maali Hasan
Noora Dmedi
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The aim of this project is to build a smart parking system, since there is no need to loop in circles wasting your time and fuel to find an empty place to park your car. So in this project we will design a smart parking system prototype for closed parking place that will help drivers in malls and commercial building to park their cars in an easy way just by using a flashing LED as indicator for the suitable empty slot and direct the car if there is no empty space in the entering desired parking place. For the payment service, we used use Radio-frequency Identification (RFID), RFID is a short-range wireless technology that allows communication between RFID enabled objects over a distance of less than 10cm. Communication will occur when the driver place (close) RFID tag with the RFID reader Therefore, driver only has to tap his card on the designated reader to enter the parking place and tap again on the way out and then the system will calculate how long the car reserved the slot to complete the payment.
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