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Mona Hasan Amer
Esraa Mahmood Nassar
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    Our project will be game application  on iOS device.   The  first game will be a mobile version of the popular board game Snake and Ladder. The game will allow from two to six players to play .you can also play against the computer . Due to the nature of the game, the graphics will be done in 2D to offer a layout and feel similar to that of the board game.  We propose to develop the game  as an application on the IOS device, the paper version of the game   is a classic game of  luck played on a 10x10 grid. The board features drawings of snakes and  ladders connecting different squares together. If one should  land at the base of a ladder, they advance to the top of  the ladder. If the top of the snake is reached, the opposite effect occurs. The objective of  this game is to be the first player to get their game piece to the end of the board. We have also three suggested games to select for. Two of them are traditional Arabic game we take  them from our real life in the middle east which are Backgammon and Barajees. The third option a Palestinian  game which reflect the political situation of the ground by highlighting segregation walls problem . Additional features will be added depending on the time and  our talent  to develop more . The general customer for this software is anyone who enjoys computer games, board games, or specifically turn based strategy games.