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Nariman Abu Sneineh
Ala Saleh
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The university students face a frequent and real problem after each semester has finished which they have a lot of stuff they don't know what they should do with! On the other hand, most of the students suffer from finding their books and other educational stuff because of financial issues or just they don't know the suppliers for this stuff. So, ShareKit is the perfect solution.ShareKit is an android mobile application gathers all the university students in one place in order to facilitate sharing their stuff with each others, it also saves their time and money. Moreover, ShareKit concerns with providing all the educational stuff that the students may need during the semester such that books, previous exams samples, courses notes, Lab coats and other tools.Finally, this idea is totally new in our country so when our application becomes real software we will be glad for publishing it and helping many students to get their stuff as fast as possible just in one click on their mobiles.